Desert Rhythm Project EP Relase / Kids Jam Group

Local young musicians get together every week for “Thursday Jam Group”.  Erik Kramer-Webb, lead musician of The Boulder Hoppers and owner of California Climbing School, is the key facilitator/music teacher/maestro that volunteers to curate this group giving the young musicians a chance to jam together weekly.  The kids get to try their hand at a variety of style of music and instruments that brings a big sound and transformation from budding musicians.
The folks with Desert Rhythm Project asked the Thursday Jam Group to be the opening band for the Desert Rhythm Project Album Release/JTLA Fundraiser party on Mar. 31, 2018.  DRP members joined in the fun each Thursday and taught and rehearsed with these kids for weeks bringing things out of the kids that blew everyone’s mind.  To find out more about DRP or hear their music click here.
Desert Rhythm Project and Thursday Jam Group perform 'Stand by Me'
Images & video by BuyUsed Visuals
 JTLA Project: Held Together - A Book by Jenny Q and Friends

Joshua Tree Living Arts is proud to support the fundraising efforts for this very personal project by a beloved member of the local community.  Jenny Q is a beloved family member of both Joshua Tree Music Festival and Joshua Tree Living Arts, and her herbal healing elixir bar is a fixture at each festival.  If you know her, then you’re smiling just by reading her name, and you’ve been in the presence of a truly loving soul.

Many of you are familiar with the medical odyssey that Jenny Q has been on these past 4 years: sepsis, near death, a coma, six months in the ICU, and over 50 surgeries. She lost both her legs, five fingers, and precious time with her beloved daughter and her new sweetheart. She returned home to a long struggle, regaining health and rebuilding her life.

She asked friends and family for their stories about how this event, which rocked our community, touched them personally. Jenny has collaged these stories around her own moving, empowering and revealing musings. The result is a book — Held Together — filled with poems, prose and essays of how a village came together, suffered together, celebrated together, and fell in love together.  The book is written, and promotional materials are in place.  For more information and updates go to heldtogetherbook.com.
Mil-Tree Collaboration
Sanctuary is a collaborative project between JTLA, Joshua Tree Music Festival, and Mil-Tree, that brings together our community of artists, veterans, active-duty military, civilians, and their families in order to help each other address the wounds of the soul through communication and art. Sanctuary is a co-created structure built using the tools of war-- barbed wire and sandbags, in a process referred to as Earthbag construction. This collaborative public art project is a gift to the community, and is intended to be used as a public gathering space for veterans, active duty and civilians. Possible use for Sanctuary includes speak-outs, meetings, celebrations, readings, marriages, meditation, lectures and more.

Fox McBride and James Golub of United Earth Builders designed and created (with help from LOTS of friends from the festival community) the Earthen Bench Sanctuary.  Fox and James have been actively engaged in earthbag construction domestically and internationally for a combined 11 years since completing their training and apprenticeship at the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture in Hesperia, CA. They have worked together as integral crew members, supervisors, and consultants on commercial and residential projects alike, and have facilitated workshops of varied scope and purpose in the U.S. and abroad.